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Nestled in the heart of Southwest Florida, Cape Coral is a vibrant community off the Gulf of Mexico coast. This tropical locale is known for its network of canals, many of which link directly to the pristine waters of the Gulf itself. Buyers will find that there are many condos for sale in Cape Coral FL, and that these condos are an affordable real estate investment option.

The average sales price for a home for sale in Cape Coral was just over $280,000 in the second and third quarter of 2017. Condos provide buyers with the opportunity to invest in real estate, while still enjoying the benefits of a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Living in Cape Coral is reminiscent of taking a permanent vacation.

With the amazing wildlife that roams free and the beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast, it's not surprising that many people want to call this dynamic community home.

In addition to having plenty of attractions for locals and visitors, Cape Coral has a diverse economy with many different job opportunities for its residents.

The top industries in this community are construction, health care, education and hospitality business.

With an average commute of about 25 minutes to work, the residents of Cape Coral typically find their employment within this community or in the surrounding area.

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Given the fact that they do not have to manicure their lawns or perform maintenance repairs on their homes, condo residents typically have ample time on their hands to explore the area's amenities

Popular family attractions in Cape Coral include Sun Splash Family Waterpark, Breakers West Golf Course and the Children's Science Center.

Residents also enjoy boating, and many condos have direct access to marinas and docks along the extensive canal system.

Fishing, kayaking and walking along the beach are other common pastimes of the people who live in Cape Coral.

Cape Coral condos provide buyers with a unique opportunity to live in a land filled with sunshine, warm breezes and crashing waves, while also giving them the freedom and flexibility to live the lifestyle they crave without being committed to the responsibilities of a single-family home.

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